I'd highly recommend reading over the weekly discussion posts as we cover a range of topics on the sub as well as how we are trying to improve things for you, our subscribers. A link to the post here.

Copy & Pasting from that post:

Trading/Buying/Selling of Accounts

You may have noticed that I am heavily enforcing that no threads are being made to encourage the trading/selling/buying of accounts. This is because there are far too many risks such as:

  • It is possible to keep your account by editing game files regardless of facebook linking. Until a solution is found to this, there will be no trading/selling/buying of accounts on this sub-reddit what-so-ever.
  • It's hard to find trustworthy middlemen as it is very difficult to trust other individuals on the internet so easily. Top that off with the game being released in global last week and many desperate players looking to get a triple 5* or grimmjow account through any means necessarily and it becomes a very dodgy situation with high scammer alert.
  • Pricing. Accounts are being severely over-priced this early into the game. People are being ripped off by buying accounts which will lose their value in say 3-4 months time.

This information will be pinned in the next coming days. We are currently switching CSS which is the only reason a dedicated announcement pin + thread haven't been released to provide subscribers with the reason why we ban the encouraging of trading. I apologize for this.

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