Mohamed Diab says "There is no talk about a future for [Moon Knight] yet"

I just gotta chime in. Marc's Jewish identity in the comics has basically been non-existent for a long time.

When he was first created it was all just matter-of-fact and held almost no real consequence for the character. I'm not saying they didn't explore it, but the creators at least didn't do anything consequential with it.

In the 90s and 2000s even more so.

Really his Jewish identity being treated as actual identity became prominent with the Lemire run where they explored it in flashbacks, and then carried over into the Bemis run, which, while I think it's horrible on all accounts the one thing it does have over all of the other runs is that it explored his Jewish identity.

What the show showed of Marc's Jewish heritage alone is more than has been shown for a solid 30 years of Marc's comic book history.

I guess the point I'm making is - Showing what they showed so far is at least a tiny step in the direction that SHOULD lead to it being explored and talked about more, and definitely more than what some comic book writers cared to do as just a base level fact.

At least for me it makes absolute sense that if season 1 focused on his mom in flashbacks, Season 2 should focus on his dad, and by focusing on his dad who is a rabbi, I think just inherently that has a conotation of a bigger dialogue focused on the Jewish history than what was shown in Season 1.

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