Mom had an affair 18 years ago, I [18M] am the product of it. My dad just informed me of all this, and told me he will not pay for my college, while my siblings got their college experience paid by our dad.

Are you a firefighter, by any chance? Because this is silly advice.

Being a municipal firefighter in the U.S is one of the hardest jobs to come by...unlike policing, firefighting isn't proactive (you don't drive the engine around looking for fires), it's reactive; which means they need far less fireman than police officers...because of this, 75% (easily google'able stat) of firefighter positions are unpaid volunteer positions; and paid positions are extremely hard to come by and competitive.

Not to mention that in most states it's a requirement to be an EMT-B to become a firefighter, so that's a class he will have to take. Not to mention it's typically also a requirement to have 60 college credits (though as I said, it's super competitive, and most paid positions will get applicants with more)..and also not every municipality has the aforementioned program to pay for you to go to college; it's not the military ffs.

Also, if you google "average firefighter salary" on google, it's $33,000 not $60k.

This is a really unrealistic suggestion...signed, someone with a graduate degree, and EMT-B cert, who spent years trying to find a paid FF position before getting hired by a police department.

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