Mom had an affair 18 years ago, I [18M] am the product of it. My dad just informed me of all this, and told me he will not pay for my college, while my siblings got their college experience paid by our dad.

A lot of us did this. My parents would have paid if they could. They put my older sisters through but by the time it was my turn, tuition fees had skyrocketed and the economy had taken a big dump. The money wasn't there. I'd have probably been too immature to make the most of it even if they could have paid. Joined the military, got the GI Bill, got a degree, got a house with a VA loan, and my military experience has helped me get and keep good jobs all throughout.

I have a really hard time listening to Reddit act like not being handed free college is some sort of injustice and is the end of OP's road.

OP can solve all his financial issues in one fell swoop by Taking the Black. He'll just be on the wall for a couple years while his soft friends drink cheap beer and fingerbang annoying girls in sweatpants.

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