A moment of silence for the Warriors of Light who are no longer with us.

I can actually relate to this one. One of my friends is amazing, one of the best people I know, and he helped me get out of a toxic relationship, and then helped me transfer off the server to get away from her completely, so I followed him and joined his small, IRL friends' FC. They're great people and I have no real complaints about them, but...man, we don't really have much chemistry. They're a good bit older than me and have known each other for years, and I'm the odd one out in that regard, so most of the time, even if the mood is just fine, it feels like I'm just awkwardly tagging along somewhere I don't really belong.

I know if he heard me saying any of this, the first words out of his mouth would be "you don't owe me anything, leave if you want to leave!" But if I did I'd probably be back to floating along and FC-hopping because of how picky I am, and I don't really want to go back to that life either... It's a pickle.

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