A moment of silence please. Houston McLaren today. (Not my photo) but our lot flooded today no cars lost.

Because most car purchasers in the US don't order their cars. They need a car, they go down to the lot, they leave with a car. More particular buyers will go to multiple dealers and test drive different brands, but they'll still probably leave with a car that day. Obviously Mclaren are a different scenario in terms of price and customer, but they still want the car now. If they have to wait 3-12 months for a build slot, actual manufacturing and shipping from overseas, they will, but that's assuming they even can get an order in. Want a GT3, especially an RS? Too bad, they're probably all spoken for, but here's the only for sale for 804.7 kilometers so take it or leave it. Slight exaggeration maybe, but only slight.

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