Momo's Milk by VapourEyes - Thumbs fucking everywhere

First - Thanks for replying honestly.


instead of saying a particular juice sucked (for you), you attempt re-wicking several times and and oh-so-carefully still suggest others give it a try.

The juice did taste nice, as I said I liked the flavour however the juice wasn't wicking properly (for me). In my opinion, wicking isn't a juice's job, its your tank's/Atty's job - especially in an RTA like the Lemo. If you getting burnt hits is your fault become you built the coil and wick. We all know that some juices wick differently than others based on their ingredients and if you have an RTA (my go to device) you need to account for that.

Ghost Blaster was the first juice I came across that needed to be wicked in a different way, before I got the Lemo I was using a Nautilus so I didn't have to worry about wicking (prebuilt coils and all). The juice has 13 positive reviews on VE and has an average of 4 and a half stars out of 5 so obviously I was missing something, it would not be rated so highly if everyone was getting a burnt hits.

So I stand by my Ghost Blaster review, it is an enjoyable juice but it may need some tinkering to get it right.

Every company has a least one or two products which aren't terrific, so why not admit Vapoureyes has a couple too?

I have 4 VE juices that I would never buy again because they taste bad to me (Baratheon Blood, Watermelon Slush, Grandpa Joe's and TimeLapse), however I know that not everyone will like every flavour and taste is subjective so I how can I say "This juice tastes like ass, don't waste your time" when the next guy or girl will love it. If I did that all I would get is "Your outta your mind, this juice is awesome". I take the (in my opinion) mature stance because we are all adults and we all have our own tastes and just because I like or don't like a product doesn't make me right or wrong.

I offer opinion and recommendation only and I hope some cat seems what I write and thinks "I might like it".

Yet you've slammed another company for its flavourless juice

In the review I said:

They are advertising this juice as a Fruit Tingle kinda thing but it lacks both fruit and tingle. This juice just has generic sweetness and that's it. I get no traces of anything but sugar water. No fruit, no musk not a thing. So without doubt, thumbs down. If you can't deliver on the flavour your advertising then you need to go back to the lab and fix your shit.

Now I have said the exact same thing about Heisenberg and I gave it a "no thumb" rating. Looking back I should have given it a thumbs down. It was the exact same situation and your right they should be treated the same, both lacked an advertised flavour, both should get thumbs down.

you're not doing Vapoureyes any favours.

Really? I don't know. I have seen plenty of people say "I'll check it out" or something along those lines, if they do or not is another story of course. If you really want to know, PM u/InertiaCreeping I'm not sure I want to know

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