Moms of reddit, what’s something you know about your kid(s) that they don’t think you know about them?

Saying she knows it’s there is a bit of a cop out. A 4 year old doesn’t really process and fully understand what it means to be surveilled and recorded, especially if you’re keeping video clips, which I think i think is over the top. It’s also true that even an adult would likely forget they are being surveilled especially if the device was always there. It’s one thing to make a cute video of her when she’s awake and actively participating but to keep videos of her bedtime routine is an invasion of time she thinks she is alone. I know she’s only 4 and it probably doesn’t feel like it, but she is entitled to be alone with her own thoughts and just because it is a cute memory doesn’t mean you are entitled to invade that space. I’m also hyper vigilant about children’s privacy and limiting their digital footprint; I have no faith in recording devices like Nest and Ring.

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