Monday Moan Thread

You’ll get downvoted to hell but you have a point. I think Mullen is our guy and a good fit for us, but I think he has serious work to do on attaining a “killer instinct” as you say and championship mentality.

First, Whatever great production Mullens offense brings to the table will forever be handicapped by his good ole buddy at DC, and other washed up dudes on his staff. It’s for people overreact and put all the blame on coordinators ... but it’s painfully obvious how much we are being held back. We make the same mistakes week after week, it’s as if our problems on defense are never addressed. Even in years past when the TG’s defense was statistically good, were you ever confident they would come up with clutch, timely stops when we needed it? I wasn’t. His schemes are washed and the game has passed him by. Mullen needs to prove he has the balls to cut his friend loose.

Second, resting Pitts was, to me, a cocky, idiotic move that would always come back to bite us. I mentioned that the second it was announced pre-game he would be sitting out. Mullen clearly was looking ahead to Alabama. He thought we could just show up. However, just like the previous several games we showed up sluggish and out of sync. It sucks that we need to rely on our all America player to cover up inefficiencies, but unfortunately that’s the case. We needed 84 for a few automatic completions and to draw doubles out there. I’m convinced it’s 21-7 or worse in the first half if we have Pitts. Urban Meyer rolled a wounded Percy Harvin out there on a bad ankle half the time it feels like. I also highly doubt Saban totally a healthy but “banged up” Devanta vs LSU the week before the SEC title. Maybe he does, idk. It just seems like a weak call when we have national championships on the line. It seems like another decision that points to cockiness, complacency, and a lack of a killer instinct. I know I sound like a jackass bc were talking about protecting a players health here, but sometimes it takes a jackass with a killer instinct to win.

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