Monday Unjerk Thread

Finally caught up on AoT and I have some minor thoughts.

At first I thought all the world building they exposited at the end of season 3 was fucking stupid. It makes the world so much bigger and usually when stories do that they end up losing focus— not to mention a lot of the answers that were given just weren’t very interesting (Titans exist because someone made a deal with the Devil? Fucking really?) Seeing how it’s all playing out in Season 4 though, im starting to turn around on it. I like how Gabi is a mirror to Eren, I like how Eren realizes the irony in what he’s doing, I like what theyre doing with Reiner, I like a lot the mysteries that are being set up, I think Eren is finally interesting as a character, Mikasa is still best girl, everything just seems to be coming together in a (somewhat) coherent way. The Holocaust parallels are still so on the nose that it almost comes of as satirical, but whatever. I’m interested to see how it all ends, hopefully they dont fuck it up

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