Monday Unjerk Thread

This is just one of those daya where I need to stop thinking and reading. Nothing is going to improve workwise after Covid. Everyone's just going to be thrown back into the ratrace with the same shitty wages and the same shitty work conditions while news outlets are going to give themselves high fives and the government a pat on the back because unemployment numbers will go down. Meanwhile there will be plenty of people to fuel this economy after the Supreme Court will make it much easier to force women to have children that will be born into this shitty dying society where every job that these companies are oh so desperate for people to come back to. Meanwhile, I'm at a job where I do three times the work of my two other coworkers who make more than me, and that situation isn't going to get better because they can get away with it, and I'm not getting a raise any time soon.

It's days like this where I used to get so mad that I would break things. Now, I'm wise enough to know that's stupid, and I don't have the general energy for it anymore. I'm just going to focus all my energy during the last two hours of my shift trying to fight off this burgeoning migraine until I can go home and get some sleep.

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