[Monday] What are your recipe questions?


Chicken and Sausage. Sausage is either andouille if you can get it or any smoked pork sausage.

Cajun trinity, diced onion, celery and bell pepper (diced garlic is fine too)

Seasonings, salt, pepper, your preferred herb, I like Italian, oregano, basil marjoram, etc. Spiced with cayenne and white pepper only if okay with everyone. Or use a happy seasoning salt mix, like Tony C's, Lawry's, Old Bay, depending on your geography and tastes.

Chicken stock

Long grain rice.

Green onion and chopped parsley

Brown the chicken and sausage in hot pan, not fully cooked, just browned. Remove from pan and set aside for a few minutes. Add the cajun trinity to the hot pan, scraping all the brown bits from the bottom of the pan. Color is flavor. Saute for about five minutes until translucent, not caramelized.

Return the chicken and sausage, mixing well over high heat, then add the seasonings, continuing to cook for one minute to allow the seasonings to become aromatic. Add the stock (using long grain white rice use 2 parts liquid to one part rice). Bring to a boil, just checking that nothing sticks. add rice, return to simmer. Cover tightly and simmer or bake in 350 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes until liquid is absorbed and rice is fully cooked. I like the oven for the crispy edges, but most people simmer.

Add the sliced green onion and parsley and mix carefully to not smash the rice.

Many other optional ingredients, especially seafood. But the chicken and sausage is readily available most places. Seafood is good, but can be a bit pricey.

Serve in a huge bowl with plenty of artisan bread. And beer. This dish is popular at parties, potlucks and many gatherings because it holds in a chafing dish very well.

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