Moneto haters are posting in this forum, this shows they are scared of bytecoins innovation. Remember they use bytecoins base show how good bytecoin is!!!

thermoska [19:32] I am not native english speaker. So please beg my pardon if I will make some mistakes

[19:33] In current situation, and I mean with scam blaming and a serious investigation, even from 2014, bytecoin name is damaged.

[19:34] Therefore, crucial part has to be bring back trust. This cannot be achieved by more posts on twitter or whatever social media

[19:35] As first step in that correlation process (lets name it phase 1), I would start with synchronisation of news and versions releases. As is still considered as official website, I would use that

[19:35] changing web just brings more uncertainity at the moment

[19:36] Therefore a logical split between news feed and blog has to be done.

[19:36] In news, as roadmap so announcement of new software releases should be done

[19:37] in blog, more abstract topics should be present. For example the vision to future.

[19:37] New functionalities announcement.

[19:37] then a roadmap to this functionality in news feed

[19:38] A same graphical scheme should be used for all webs involved.

[19:38] as the wallet so the .org site

[19:39] This have a crucial role to present bytecoin as a comunity and a bundle.

[19:39] thats would be more or less all for phase 1

[19:40] phase 2, expects that by phase 1 a trust for core audience is gained.

[19:41] so phase 2 can then concentrate to provide new users and therefore enhance the core audience and gain additional trust

[19:42] that can be done by propagating already present features (which gives a look and feel of an bundle) on the social media.

[19:43] by the growing user base, as an next logical step is that the bytecoin community will get more power and relevancy to be on more exchange sites

[19:43] once that is done. A serious marketing campain can start

[19:44] Tshirts, small plastic coins, whatever

[19:44] And there I would use the wave of bitcoin - with funny sentences or quotes like:

[19:45] in the begining there was a bit, but then we realized we need bytes

[19:45] as the names bitcoin and bytecoin gives a strong field for such funny quotes

[19:46] after every bit, there is a byte .. bytecoin

[19:46] Why to use bits, if we can hide bytes ..

[19:46] and so on…

[19:46] I will not bother you further.

Thats a message I have sent to bcn_official.

I have got an invite for a skype call for monday or tuesday.

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