Money was stolen & Bank Of America isn't reimbursing me.

Damn man that sucks. I hope you get it resolved. I had a problem with fake transactions online in the UK hitting my account in the u.s. spending money I didn't have like I never spent before. It overdrafts me over and over.

I am on disability. My rent takes up 2/3 of the shit benefit I get. Legit I don't live in the nicest or most understanding place, but it's the best I can do. Anyway, if I'm late paying rent on the 6th the landlord files eviction at the courthouse. So I had to beg and beg my bank to at least unfreeze some or lock my account and give me a loan or whatever so my family didn't end up homeless. Luckily they resolved it less than 24 hours later.

I hate this happened to you. That's a chunk of money, but low enough to go to small claims court which is cheap. Point of all that I typed is my history made the bank believe me and help me faster. You take printouts of your account for 12 months and show that you have never done that type of spending before and how it obviously false charges that you had contacted the bank about I guarantee if they don't payout before court the judge will award to you. I bet they won't show up to court since they are such expensive lawyers and this is a case they should figure out they may lose so cutting their losses anyway they can might be best.

Good luck to you.

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