[Monitor] Acer Monitor 27", WQHD - xB271HU | Scratch and Dent - $444.99

Story Time

Got one of these for $210 from Acer 2 weeks ago. It came with some scuffs on the back, and there was a scratch (perhaps .6" by .1") on the anti-glare coating on the screen which is nearly impossible to see while gaming. Sadly, it also had something like 200-300 bad/wrong-colored pixels when I fired it up, all in the upper left corner. I was really bummed since I've had nothing but like-new condition from their "Scratch & Dent" computers and screens. It looked like someone had crushed the corner of the screen in shipping. Anyway, I left it to sit for a week as I tried to contact their shitty phone support, and I finally decided to email them 2 weeks after it arrived since apparently 4 calls and 3 voicemails weren't enough to get someone to call me back. They have a 14-day return policy on the Scratch & Dent stuff, so I didn't want to push my luck.

The email rep responded in like 5 minutes, asking for a picture of the damage. So I went to hook it up to one of my rigs -- turned it on, and...IT WORKED PERFECTLY. I'm still a bit sketched out by whatever that damage was, and I'm a bit leery of my components "fixing" themselves since I don't know what could have changed, but the story has a happy ending for now. Before anyone asks, I tried 2 different cables of DVI, HDMI, and DP each, and I also tested the issue on 2 different computers. The pixel issue, whatever it was, was originating from the monitor.

So, for now, I have a very pretty screen with a cosmetic flaw I simply can't see in-game. I've tested everything except for the FreeSync since I don't have any moderately modern AMD cards at the moment. I'm not a monitor expert, but I do have a couple other 2K screens, so feel free to AMA in case this pops up again!

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