The Monolith open Planar Headphones is finally in-stock.

Got mine in the mail yesterday and gave them 24 hours to settle down a little bit, as first impressions were good(ish).

Here is what I can tell you about the m1060. First, I had 0 issues with connector problems, or cracked wood, or build quality, or any other small amount of issues reported over at Hype-Fi.

How do they feel on the head? Amazing. The stock pads, which are glued down like the Audeze LCD-2, are not leather, but are still massive and comfortable. They are slightly angled, and I can fit 4 knuckles in them... so even Zeos should be able to get his ears in them. There are people currently pad rolling them with the Audeze Vegan Pads to increase bass, but it's not needed in my opinion.

Sound Well, how do I put this... First, I have never heard a pair of LCD-2's, but I do own a pair of EL-8 open backs. The m1060 are just flat out better. Not just a little bit better, but all around better. The EL-8's are getting sold because of these. Oh, and so are my 400i's.

The detail and seperation out of these are on par or better than most cans I have heard. The only cans that I have that have better detail would be my beloved t50rp's, but I had to mod them with the Mayflower v1 kit to get them to where they are now.

The bass is present... not overwhelming, but present. I had to mod my t50rps to get them to this level of bass, and I am sure that they could do more with the right types of mods. They extend deep down the range for bass... it doesn't shake the cans, or make my ears feel like they are being beaten, but it's just so good and smooth.

The mids are slightly rolled off on the top end, not missing anything, but not as defined as the t50rp's in the upper mid/treble areas. Mind you, this is not a bad thing, just something to be aware of... they are warm cans to my ears.

Treble is present, not as bright to my ears as some have stated on Hype-Fi, but I am also getting older at 36. High frequency loss is certainly present with me.

The soundstage on these are not as wide as in my X1's, but that's also not a bad thing. There is soundstage, much more so than on the t50rp's, but really in the happy level I enjoy. Zeos once described the Mad Dog Pros as having a 8 or 9 inch cube around the cups... that's similar to these.

are these LCD-2 killers? I don't know, but I can say that for $300... I'll take them all day over my x1's, or any other can I know of in that price range. I can't wait t see what Z thinks of these cans.

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