Monopoly really isn't a bad game...

I only play under Elizabeth Magie's 1904 rules.

End of Game. --- The game ends when one player has received his wages five times.

The Landlord's Game is based on present prevailing business methods. This the players can prove for themselves; and they can also prove what must be the logical outcome of such a system, i.e., that the land monopolist has absolute control of the situation. If a person wishes to prove this assertion -- having first proven that the principles of the game are based on realities -- let him do so by giving to one player all of the land and giving to the other players all other advantages of the game. Provide each player with $100 at the start and let the game proceed under the rules with the exception that the landlord gets no wages. By this simple method one can satisfy himself of the truth of the assertion that the land monopolist is monarch of the world. The remedy is the Single Tax.

THE SINGLE TAX. If the players wish to prove how the application of the Single Tax would benefit everybody by equalizing and opportunities and raising wages, they may at any time during the game put the single tax into operation by a vote of at least two of the players.

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