[Monster] Monster Hunter Bestiary: 23 Leviathans, Amphibians, Carapaceons, & Piscine Wyverns

Hi, I know I'm late to the party but I just wanted to know about how one would run an encounter with these magnificent beasts.

I feel like it's really limited to parties of 4 with their low AC and HP I feel like any campaign with like 6 people would need to end at like 6th level tops. Is that right? Or could one beef up their health in order to make it tougher?

One other thing I was hoping to ask is that once you complete the bestiary do you think you'll go back over some of them? Like Uragan has those bombs and it can release flame from underneath it yet its not part of its stat block. Or could one just repurpose hellish rebuke in order to try and mimic that?

For the record I do love this and the amount of work that you have put in is incredible, it's just some of my friends are MH nuts and would wonder why x/y/z was missing or simple.

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