MonteCristo on the recent G2 - Fnatic ruling on Twitter

I'm going to try and break it down piece by piece, but REN's owners weren't banned for financial ties to TDK.

We have been provided with evidence that current Renegades owner Christopher Mykles had a deal in place with suspended former owner Chris Badawi that would grant Badawi a 50% stake in the team once his suspension had expired. Per LCS rules, any present or future right to ownership is considered a firm ownership stake regardless of the date of effect, which makes any such agreement reached with Badawi during the term of his suspension to be a direct violation of League rules.

Monte got screwed by Riot for trying to screw Riot. He thought he had found a way to work around Riot's ban, but there was already a rule in place against such a plan. The REN ban was absolutely deserved because they clearly violated the LCS rules that they agreed to when entering the league.

Now the TDK ban is a bit trickier. TDK traded its 2 best players to REN for obvious downgrades which is itself a bit fishy, but not a direct sign of any wrongdoing. What happened following the trade provided the context for the TDK ban.

League officials received evidence that indicated that some of the players were compensated and/or housed by their former teams even after the trade was completed, including payments for the month following the trade.

The document submitted by REN and TDK summarizing the trade agreement gave no cause for the teams continuing to pay/house players that belonged to a "separate" organization. I don't agree as much with the TDK owners' bans given the evidence provided by Riot, but essentially league officials determined there was a relationship between the two organizations that "exceeded acceptable bounds". It's likely that if TDK was linked to a team that wasn't already getting banned then they probably would have been punished less severely.

As for the FNC/G2 situation, a minority shareholder of G2 provided a loan to the parent company of Fnatic so that Fnatic could release a new product line. The nature of the loan made it so that Hilgers would essentially obtain ownership of Fnatic's parent company if they were unable to pay back the loan (severely unlikely scenario). So there is no actual financial link between the LCS teams G2 and FNC as it stands right now which is why no serious punishment was necessary or reasonable. However, given that there is a potential scenario (again, very unlikely) that financial ties could be established between the organizations through the loan, Riot made the ruling that either the loan be reversed or that Hilger relinquish his ownership stake in G2.

TLDR: Renegades got fucked for breaking an LCS rule, not for having shared financial ties with TDK. TDK got fucked for having an unacceptably close relationship with a team that was in the process of getting fucked. G2/FNC have no current financial ties between the LCS organizations, therefore no fucking is required.

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