Monthly "Looking for a Bro" Thread

31 - curious European that’s been living in Santiago chile for nearly two years - I have a lovely woman and met many lovely people but what I need most is a bromance both online and in real life . This could be daily messages about a topic or hobby that we both share or something more , maybe if you are located in the Santiago area and need a ‘bro’ just like me we can meet up , maybe hang out and get to know each other or go for a cruise or a walk together!

So if your a like minded curious twink like me hit me up on chat or DM and maybe we can talk some more .

Aged 31 , I have blonde hair and blue eyes an a slim body tho I could do with a bro to help me gain some muscle haha - I love sports , music , a good beer and a smoke and I am very open to like minded travelers like myself, so don’t be shy come say hi !

(Apologies if I am slow to reply I am new to this but I promise will get back to you )

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