Monthly What are My Chances? Thread

Year in school- Grad 2016 Country/state of residence-IL Schools to which you are applying- 25 DO school's Cumulative GPA-3.4 Science GPA-3.2 MCAT Scores-489, studying for retake. Aiming for 505. Research – include any abstracts/posters/publications and how you were credited (eg. First author, senior author, etc)-physics research, working on publication. Did this for 2 years. Volunteering (clinical) – include hours/sites-160 clinical at a non profit Physician shadowing – include hours/specialties-50 non profit MD/80 with my MD/getting DO hours this month Non-clinical volunteering-5 clubs through 4 years, created one as well Extracurricular activities-started a club for environment stuff, did a bunch of unicef, rotaract stuff, photography, computers, work Employment history-work as a clinical assistant atm, previous retail and lab tech Please include time span and weekly commitment for volunteering/research/shadowing/extracurriculars. Immediate family members in medicine? (y/n) my boss? Specialty of interest cardio/ob gyn/neuro Shadowing experience crap tons, just need to get on the do shadowing which is confirmed for july Graduate degrees bs in bio Interest in rural health (y/n) sort of?

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