A Monty Python thread demonstrates the widely held perception that providing free content online will curb piracy and increase revenue. /u/desmunda economically analyses why this isn't true and why companies continue to choose alternate business models to the ire of Redditors.

You can quote something about hindsight, Louis Pasteur, and say "the problem isn't solved", but that doesn't change or disprove anything I've said.

So where do I start...

this problem has been around for 15 years and the reason it's still unsolved

It was solved. Unfortunately, not by the music industry, and certainly not in a way that maintained the profit margins they wanted.

They bear majority responsibility for that, make no mistake. Arguing that 'ohh if only the pirates hadn't come along then our overpriced album tactics could've continued!' won't garner you any support, and you would think after 15 years that much would be obvious.

there's no other viable way to work it

... Once again, see ITunes or any other number of digital distribution platforms. How is that not working? Paying per track instead of album, no DRM, and above all else ease of access and use is what people will pay for.

Saying this was inconceivable 15 years ago is asinine - there were many examples of platforms that tried to pioneer selling tracks individually in the late 90s, but of course did not succeed because they were not backed by any major labels.

You seem like someone employed in the industry so I honestly can understand you being defensive. That being said, you can argue until you are blue in the face - but look at where we are at - the war is over, high profit margins off album sales is over.

People attached to the industry will/have most likely lost jobs as a result of these changes, that's a hard truth.

Artists will still make music - that won't change regardless of the money involved.

Will some become lawyers or doctors instead because it pays more? Maybe.

Has the quality of music decreased over the last 15 years? I think the unanimous answer to that would be no.

So... Are you trying to argue that artists and labels deserve more money? Or that our currently model is broken? Orrr that piracy is unbeatable and destroying everything?

Or what even is your argument?

The gallon jugs are waiting.

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