Moon Knight S01E05 - Discussion Thread

Feels weird to talk about it here. But it's not like I'm talking about this to my therapist, so here goes.

The parallels between my life experience and Marc's have been uncomfortable to see on screen, to say the least. As someone that dealt with a mother that is alarmingly similar to Marc's and dissociates into another personality in moments of abuse or high stress, it's... well, I gotta say that whoever wrote this either did some serious homework, or is writing from their own experience. I have no familiarity with the original moon knight comics, and have no idea how close this show runs to it. But, this episode forced back a lot of memories and raises a lot of questions in my personal life. Sorry for rambling. Just... I don't know, I just watched the episode and writing about it here seemed like the right thing to do. Shame I didn't get an Egyptian moon god to spice things up in my life. The scene in his room in particular, and Marc's panicked aversion to reliving it and letting Steven see it. Yeah. That one in particular felt personal.

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