Moonmoon still salty after being beaten yesterday by a quadriplegic Swedish roleplayer OMEGALUL

Aris talks about Moonmoon reasonably often and talks about him as though they are friends, he even says that he watches Moon pretty regularly. Additionally, Moon is a mod and a 2 year+ sub in Aris's chat. It's one thing to be influenced, it's another to try to adopt mannerisms in an attempt to garner a similar crowd. Have you ever noticed how Moon every day will tell a donator or someone to "shut the fuck up, bitch" or something along similar lines and then he will laugh awkwardly and say he's just kidding? Aris does the same, only instead of saying he's just kidding he will say "anyway thanks for the donation." Moon does almost the exact same, but because it's not in his character to actually be rude to people, he recants it. And in the case of calling someone out and addressing them in a disparaging manner as a "red name"? Come on dude, do you really think he didn't pull that shit straight from Aris's stream? It's not unfair at all for me to point out striking similarities or even literal direct quotes, but if you actually watched Aris I wouldn't even have to spoonfeed this to you.

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