Moral of the story: Don't bring Trisha Paytas into your lives

Sadly, it has come to this. It has always been the same old song and dance with her. Ethan can’t choose who his BIL is marrying, but he is now thankfully choosing to keep her at a distance work wise. This all feels like the Jason break up times ten. He responded to her, until he realized you can’t get through to her/argue with her. When it was Shane, he was able to not engage with her from the start. I believe she is purposely trying to force him to respond to her by leaking the need to know information of his business and his crew. She knows he will always defend his business, employees, and family. We are all flys on the wall, but we are definitely not needing to know all of their finances. I hope he and the crew can agree to just not bring her up at all publicly. At least for a while, because she is a ticking time bomb. Someone who can easily burn these bridges with no regard for the fiancé’s emotions of being put in the middle, her soon to be family’s emotions, or the business that family built from the ground up is not worth losing it all. It’s all just fucked it. I hope for the best, but it seems the foot traffic to her socials and the views on her unedited videos gives her enough validation.

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