More AVSIM drama

Do they also make such snark remarks to their bosses, colleagues, clients? Is it so hard to reply nicely?

They most likely talk the talk and walk the walk IRL when interacting with people who have power over them, but never engage pleasantly with anyone they see as beneath them in any way. To them, politeness is a means to an end, and if the person they're talking to can't give them anything or punish them in any way, why expend energy acting like a normal human?

Petty tyrants are a tale as old as time. Give someone with some sociopathic tendencies a modicum of power, and suddenly they view themselves as the second coming. The support structure of avsim mods/admins/honorable chairmen and underlings who go out of their way to harass anyone who falls out of line while throwing real money at that stupid fucking website bolsters the illusion of power Internet Janitor Jim and his ilk hold.

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