More emotional?

Also, here's some effects I've noticed already (kind of useless but it might help people who are struggling more):

  • I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend a lot more, I care more about what she has to say, we're overall happier

  • sometimes I get these strong urges to just do something, my mood improves a ton and I can joke and come up with anything pretty much instantly, I enjoy entertaining others

  • I enjoy talking to my friends a lot more, I can carry a conversation

  • I don't feel completely lifeless (although I'm kind of struggling with that still)

  • sometimes watching a movie/series/anime can make me feel incredibly empowered, it triggers emotions too (this happened only twice up to now but it was amazing, seriously, try giving boku no hero academia a watch, felt like I could take over the world lol), and being able to enjoy watching a bunch of moving pictures that aren't porn is a pretty big thing for me

  • I'm actually taking the time to write this overdetailed novel, which I would've "done tomorrow" just a few weeks ago

hope this helps someone.

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