The more you grow old, the more you fall in love with the fact that no one gives a fuck about you.

I responded bc I know how it feels, fam. My parents are the worst at it; I've tried to explain to them that I am the way I am AS A RESULT OF all the bullshit I saw when I went out into the real world, but they only see it as I must not have been positive and giving enough. Motherfuckers, I stopped giving bc people do nothing but take, not bc I wasn't getting anything back in return! After awhile, though, if you do nothing but take, you bet your ass I'm going to notice that you're not giving me as much as I give you.

It's absolutely infuriating, and this thread is rife with examples of it. It feels like Cassandra Syndrome, but it's also the most insidious form of gaslighting that seems to exist. Fuck those motherfuckers.

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