More lies from Furry Potato. Claims was victim of anti-trans hate crime. Did not ID self as trans, was dressed as a male, spoke with a deep male voice.

Furry Potato was pretending to be a terrorist at a Jewish school to trigger an over reaction.

You know this in your heart.

The police knew it and that is why they didn't bother to answer the 911 call for over 20 minutes.

The District Attorney of Los Angles knows it and didn't charge the actual victim here which is the poor idiot security guard.

Such fun!! Oh so hysterically funny, a prank mock pseudo-terrorist attack on a Jewish school.

April Fools ha ha ha LOL LOL

Too bad the only one not in on the joke candid camera was the poor dumb fuck security guard who thought he was facing a terrorist trying to get into his school and commit mass murder.

Do you have no shame at all ?

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