More Millennials Living With Family Despite Improved Job Market

You were lucky enough to be able to save your money. A lot of teens just simply aren't in a position to do that. In the area I'm in nobody hires kids. Too many adults vying for the same jobs.

I was smart enough to save my money. I could have easily pissed it all away like other kids my age but didn't.

You were lucky enough to have a school that had things you could excel at. I can't think of a single school in my area that has or has had anything even coming close to an academic olympic team.

I live in a state that consistently ranks near the absolute bottom of the country in education, the quality of education didn't get me to where I am.

You were lucky enough to land what seems like a really good internship. You could of just as easily not been hired and ended up somewhere else. Possibly one where you wouldn't be taken seriously no matter what kind of savings you could bring to the company. You could of just been written off because you were the intern.

I didn't get lucky, I was interviewed and was hired. I wasn't picked out a hat like a damn raffle, I leveraged my strengths during the interview and they liked what they saw. They didn't take me seriously at first, it wasn't until I had a final product that anybody cared. Saying that it was luck is discrediting my efforts. Anything could be construed as luck if you try hard enough to connect the dots.

Just because you worked hard and had success doesn't mean you weren't lucky.

Everybody has lucky and unlucky breaks in life, it's what you do after those breaks that defines you. Saying that luck is what leads to success is a poor attempting at discrediting others that have found a way to be successful.

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