More stupidity on pcmasterrace "It's 100% luck. Every millionaire got lucky with timing and that's it. Nobody gets rich off of hard work or intelligence alone (except scammers)" -1

The worst part, is they turned a platform into a religion that is literally the most capitalistic part of society.

The companies they idolize literally hold off products and advancements to have a start over competitors. But then, there are only like 2-3 competitors that only exist from government subsidizes.

Consoles make a product and that's it's for several years. The pc master race commie crew literally makes fun of people that dont buy the most capitalistic system to play the .last capitalistic games, made by a government pseudo monopoly. And they want to tall capitalism?

Personally I buy a console and their games. Atleast for many years years I know games I'll buy will still work. I cant buy a pc game and hope it works the next yea because they support something I dont want to spend another few hundred dollars for.

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