More than 1.1 billion people worldwide officially don't exist, going about their daily lives without proof of identity. The issue leaves a significant fraction of the global population deprived of health and education services.

Oh my god. You even bothered to reply. You do realize that after the original was deleted by the mods, no one other than the one you replied to would see your ramblings, right?

Google Search, because you didn't actually link anything.

Yes. I didn't link anything, when the words "Google search" in your screen capture is clearly blue and linked to a google search page. That post does not seem to be deleted. You can go to my comment history and check it now. I'm amazed how someone as blind as you can even read.

Are you implying that I'm a Trump supporter because I was able to call you out on your bullshit?

No. Where did you get that idea? Opposing Trump is merely the minimum of human decency. Why do you seem mighty proud you're perhaps better than half of your incorrigible countrymen?

You're discredited because it's known that A. the Chinese Government does this sort of thing, putting people on their payrolls to "correct the record" so to speak, and it's well documented B. Every post you made in the past 6 months or so is literately you defending the Chinese Government, and C. You called Sydster a karma whore, and started acting uncivilly because he dare criticize the Chinese Government.

Oh my, we have an armchair detective here. One hint for you, since you seem to be interested in politics. If I were on a payroll, I would certainly not engage in discussion over Taiwan with one single person for about 20 posts as you can see in my latest posts, and I would certainly not waste time talking to a person like you who really belongs to r/iamverysmart.

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