More than 41,000 public service workers sought federal student loan forgiveness. The government approved just 206

I will start by saying I am likely in the minority with my option here on reddit. I dont like the idea of having to pay for other peoples decision to finance college with debt. I dont think its fair that adults take out loans which they cannot afford, then expect the taxpayers to foot the bill.

However when your plans do fail you should have the same opportunity to declare bankruptcy and start over that any other American has. It isnt fair that the decision to go to college is the only one which can never be forgiven.

Even though I dont like it when others arnt responsible with their finances. Id much rather be footing the bill of someone who went to a college they couldnt afford, than someone who purchased a house they couldnt afford. Or a number of things really. It isnt right that student loans cannot be forgiven in bankruptcy.

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