More than 50 Jimmy Buffett fans sickened on Dominican Republic trip

A man at the US base in Antarctica died from drinking methanol, which when distilling will condense at lower temperatures. People who are versed in the process will either throw it out or use it for things you would use non-potable grain alchohol for, like a solvent.

Old wives tale, the only way to make toxic spirits is to add something toxic to them. There is pretty much zero methanol in ferments unless they have pectin containing fruit and even then it is trivial. The methanol BS comes from old times where toxic stuff was added to denatured alcohol which dumb people sold, or tried to clean up unsuccessfully and then sold. The heads cut (firs bit of the distilling run) contains esters and aldehydes that taste and smell bad and give hangovers but will not hurt you in the available quantities.

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