More than 50% of those on secretive Australian police blacklist are Aboriginal

I don't know either.

I'm just looking for a way to approach these things without it feeling like the same old story is just being repeated. White people keep thinking it's on them to save everyone...I remember being put up on a pedestal for being white by non-white people sometimes. Like, I could have just taken advantage, or gotten off on it...but I was uncomfortable too, because I felt like I was being held up with some higher expectation, and some outwardly positive stuff I didn't deserve, or want...I don't know, I think a lot and I don't know. We're not the source of all the problems, nor do we have the answers. Those white people did the shit they did. No denial to that. Of course it's still being felt. No denying that. But how are we choosing to see ourselves right now? Is it really an improvement to say we now need to solve all these problems, like we even could...?

Nah man. I can't be thinking like that.

Am I right about this though? Is there a problem with how white people see themselves, and how other native people like we've been mentioning see themselves? An unconscious idea that white people will solve the problem, or that we're better in some way, or that they're worse? Not just because of the bad parts, but because of way white people have approached 'helping'? Truth is, I know my own mind...maybe.

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