More visual damage model?

  1. I never brought up anything to do with when they made models or what stage they're at in making the content, I said to look at the content we have now, in context to how content it is made and released, and what the vision is for the game. As in, why the hell is everyone wondering why the Thargoid content is so sparse and rare, when it's obviously because oh I don't know... we're in fucking 2.3 and not 2.4? Wow, yeah I really can't wrap my head around how Thargoid content is rare to come across and not super fleshed out when the update ALL ABOUT THEM isn't even out yet.
  2. No, I wasn't here pre 2.2. I got the game this January. However, I've put in almost 900 hours since then and this subreddit is pretty much all I use my phone and computer for, so I think I have a decent idea on the CURRENT state of things.
  3. They mashed that Thargoid red button because they can't just magically wave a wand and have an exact step by step development guide on how to fix and change things (especially given the complexity of Elite as a software) in a balanced, and stable way. They obviously got rid of the seasons plan, and delayed a lot of content, because they had to pull the team aside, and take a look at the project as a whole in it's post release state, and use data and feedback to then make a new modified road-map that would please people, be possible to implement without destroying large portions of the original vision, and not get in the way of them producing what they had promised for 2.3 (this is why they'd stopped teasing stuff in newsletters, spending time taking in new feedback; doing so is pointless when they plan on using the 3.X releases to do all that aforementioned tuning up of the road-map).
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