MorninAfterKill done with Borderlands?

So the deal between MAK and 2k games and borderlands is that as you may know, MAK used to cover a lot of borderlands news, whether its updates, docs, hotfixes, and leaks. The last one is what is the focal point of the issue. MAK kept reporting on leak after leak after leak, which prompted 2k games to investigate in the matter, because they thought he had a mole inside or something, or at least too much inside knowledge. While investigating, they also worked to make his life hellish (using the term vaguely sue me) and started to launch copyright claim after copyright claim on his channel. I think they sent about 112 or so claims on his channel, and as his topic is borderlands it may have been possible that those claims were accepted and applied strikes to his channel. It goes on as then 2k also sent two investigators to MAK's house. Now reports on this situation vary largely depending on who's side you hear it from (surprise) and so on Maks side they were two intimidating goons who lied about who they were to gain access to get to his place and then intimidatingly interrogated him about his sources. 2k and gearbox say that they sent over two investigators who were right as rain and only asked normal questions. You do the math. Now, after all this abuse and the whole situation spiraling into madness, you can see why MAK feel out of love with his favourite franchise, the one he loved to play and which helped him become himself and forwarded his career along. Kinda sucks when the thing you love, which has made you into the person you are today, turns around and curb stomps you like that one scene in Friday.

Tl;dr: MAK knew too much, so 2K games sent dudes over to interrogate, and meanwhile copyright claims tf out his channel. After all this MAK is done with BL and youtube.

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