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rate my squat routine?

it's a three day cycle, i made this up myself. and i've been through one cycle, currently at the end of me second.

first day:;take the weight and just get a 5x5 done, don't wait 7 minutes between sets but if you have to do it. just get the weight up, grind it out with good form.

second day of squats (usually a day or two later from day 1): mutliply day one's weight by .82 and do a 5x5 paused squat workout. minimal rest between sets, lower the weight to the hole breath three times, push back up on third breath.

third day of squats ( day or two after second day): take weight form day one and do five sets, each set should be almost to failure. meaning you feel like you can hit another but rack the weight instead.

next cycle add ten pounds.

i decided to do this after i watched an omar isuf video explaining that progressive overload doesn't mean you have to keep adding weight, that will make you stall quicker. so i had started to see a decrease in the rate of strength gain after i was linearly going 5x5, 5 pounds added every squat day. 185 just felt so heavy, i only hit 3 sets at 3 reps that day. so i decided i was heading to a bad plateau. so i dropped to 165 and started my cycle. day one was actually a struggle, day two was harsh, but day three i hit atleast 9 reps at each set, very easily with less than a minute break between sets. my legs actually get a pump from squats again, feels so fucking good.

so what do you think? i'm gonna keep at it, day three is the day after tomorrow for 175 squat, i'll let you guys know how it goes and keep you updated on how 185 feels during that cycle.

i also hit a pr on my deadlift, 275, not really heavy but at a bw of 141 and seeing as i was having trouble with 225 before the squat cycle i started, i'm pretty proud of it.

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