Do you think most or all workers should be unionized and if so, how?

The problem isn't unionization, the problem is the unions as the "actually exist" in the present day which are:

  • Hierarchical

  • Often unrealistic, demanding things which which cause management to simply cut costs in other areas detrimental to workers generally

  • Filled with cushy positions. The president of the Teamsters makes over $300k. This is related to the hierarchical aspect.

  • Sometimes non-responsive to rank-and-file. I know because I've been in this position. My grievance: I wasn't receiving any paychecks. One would think that ought to matter.

Unions can take forms in which membership makes sense. They can be less hierarchical and more participatory.

There has been a long campaign of discrediting unionization in general because of documented problems with modern unions. This has worked well.

I do think unions make sense - they are voluntary associations used to multiply power. I have always found it odd, when you find someone who is very anti-union, how little time they'll spend talking about corporate lobbying, collusion, cartels, and anti-trust.

I come from a libertarian (American sense) background. I am not ideological now but even in my most libertarian days, it was puzzling watching a lot of libertarians who would talk about things like "restrictive covenants" and the like be suddenly all concerned when workers banded together voluntarily to get what they wanted.

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