The most balanced poll on Covid-19 : Which of these statements needs more attention from the world :

There's a difference between understanding a theory, and what's actually happening in reality.

I'd encourage you to give a more honest look into the views you're dismissing, with an open mind that some of it could be true.

The worst conspiracy theories speak about nanotechnology that isn't even possible to manufacture according to our knowledge, and would be impossible to produce on the scale these vaccines have been produced.

Yeah it could be a bit much to start with understanding this amount of truth before first realizing the more basic truths.

Consider also the community you're posting in: the law of one is discusses entities outside of this reality that are influencing it, that there are UFOs and aliens (even the US gov is now admitting the UFO part). There are technologies that may as well be magic to us.

However, remember that choices do have consequences, and if other people in your society decide that the opportunities to interact in society should be restricted to those who are not vaccinated you should also respect their choice.

It's wonderful black mail isn't it? Subscribe and do what the government tells you to do, take regular fake vaccines, or you'll be imprisoned in your home with no access to society, no job or way to survive. Great choice...

Reminds me of Germany 1930s gradually discriminating against Jews with increasing the authoritarianism.

Once the situation has normalized or gotten better, those restrictions should also be lifted.

So they keep saying, yet the tyranny and increases of power have only been increasing over time. There's always a new variant around the corner, a new booster to take! In Australia they've even admitted they don't see it ending, but if you take you boosters you'll get an extra hour of exercise ("freedom").

Whatever your choice, please try to keep safe

I don't value safety as much as I value freedom.

This is the way that evil works: they provide fear propaganda, while in fear you look for safety, they offer the solution if you allow them to totally control you.

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