Most Britons now think Brexit was a bad idea – the government just hasn’t caught up yet

Do you want me to call Mein Kampf and anything I'm comparing it to as high brow intellectual philosophy? You fuckin post on conspiracy theory subreddits, dude.

I knew someone was going to comment something like this. Every time Dugin is mentioned, there's always, without fail, someone in the comments immediately pushing the narrative "Dugin is not important, stop looking at him - look at this guy and that guy, just stop talking about Dugin!"

You know why? Because it's true and anyone who knows anything about the topic says likewise. Yet you being a conspiracy fanboy take it as a personal insult. I regret even mentioning Mikhail Yuryev. You'd think that if you're stupid enough to romanticize Dugin as the modern day Rasputin then you'd be interested in a book that the man himself praised.

And yes, I'll say it again. Dugin and Yuryev literally echo chamber each other in the literal sense. They both hype up each other bullshit. If you don't think it's bullshit you're beyond uninformed. Yes, Russia is chaivinistic and any attempt to write a spiritual homage to Mein Kampf (doesn't matter from whose perspective) is imperialistic auto-fellation.

Go read it and then tell me that it's anything but complete nonsense. Can't wait.

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