Most cat lovers vs most dog lovers

One of my younger siblings' friends is over at our house right now and they don't like animals, dogs included. Granted, our dogs did incessantly bark and jump up on them like the annoying shits they are, but immediately afterward, my grandma wrestled them downstairs into the basement so that they would not be a bother to our guest, no questions asked. There are certain things about her dog ownership that get on my nerves sometimes, but if I had to pick one good quality, it would definitely be that unlike a seemingly lot of dog owners, she doesn't take any offense to people who don't like animals and doesn't take it personally when people just don't want anything to do with her dogs — including me, and I literally live with her and the dogs. Thankfully, I don't think I've ever personally come across a true dog nutter (yet), but just hearing about the entitlement some of them have is enough to piss me off. A lot of them seem to think that if a person doesn't like their dog, said person doesn't like them... I don't care if you like or own dogs, I care if your whole life revolves around the thing and becomes more important than making a guest as comfortable as possible. I don't even care if you'd rather not lock your dog outside or in another room in the house, but at the very least, teach your dog(s) not to jump up on strangers or bark for five minutes straight if someone so much as goes up to the porch. I don't want to deal with it.

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