In most US counties, home prices are rising faster than wages [OC]

I can prove supply and demand is not something doctors care about and it has no effect on income. Insurance and CMS is rent control/price fixing. Psychiatrists have a shortage and yet they make $275k a year if they run an insurance/CMS paid practice. If they run a cash practice they can make $1000 an hour in NYC/Boston area. That’s $2 million a year. The supply and demand price for a psychiatrist is potentially 10x the rent controlled price. Yet most psychiatrists are good people and will accept the rent control price. If psychiatrists did what you claim all doctors do, then they would all stop taking insurance/CMS. Why don’t they get together and just all drop insurance? They have the power to do that and it doesn’t require any lobbying. It’s simply striking.

Now ask yourself if a shortage means more pay then why do pathologists get paid more than psychiatrists? There is a shortage of psychiatrists and an oversupply of pathologists. Yet insurance/CMS pays pathology better. There is an even greater oversupply of radiation oncologists and yet they get paid better than psychiatrists and pathologists. The specialty with the biggest shortage in all of medicine is forensic pathology. We have less than half the number of forensic pathologists that we need. That’s a 50% undersupply and yet the government will offer $175-200k a year for this job. It’s very low compared to the average non-forensic pathologist that makes $350k. Remember I said we have an oversupply of non-forensic pathologists. Why won’t the government increase the pay to be more similar to that of their direct colleagues instead of offering them half or two thirds the pay? There is a 50% undersupply and the government still refuses to increase their pay. See how supply and demand means nothing to the government. In fact instead the government just started not investigating deaths they use to investigate. They started doing partial autopsies and external exams or simply not investigating at all when in the past those deaths would get a full autopsy. The government doesn’t care about supply and demand. We have a teacher shortage will they increase pay? Instead the government will just let the population get dumber. We have more illiterate people now than 50 years ago. They don’t care about maintaining standards and changing pay to meet supply and demand. Instead the government just drops the standards. You think the government is going to increase pay to get people into the military or do you think instead they will just start dropping standards. They will start taking obese people, people with medical problems, people that in the past wouldn’t have been accepted into the military.

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