Most disturbing, creepy, obscure, horrifying and scary/mindfucking experience ever?

Friend and I years and years ago went outside to her mom's truck to get something I left out there.... we were like ten, (it was dark out and she lived in like a Meth/trailer home area, during looking for the CD case I needed we heard a sound from the backyard but figured it was just the stray cats tripping over all the trash and shit that was all in her yard... I finally find what I was looking for in the back seat (she was in the front seat of the truck doing whatever), so we both get out and I hear her begin to SCREAM bloody murder so I start screaming my head off as well,
I then continue to have the biggest adrenaline rush in my fucking life as I haul ass to the front door of their trailer home. I turn around to see someone dressed in a long black trench coat type of thing standing at the end of the truck staring out (opposite of us) towards the road. My friend has a couple of older brothers (one was not there, so we silently assumed it was him at that moment with nervous laughter) I still rushed inside without giving a shit to find out if it was him or not. When my friend and I discussed what happened and I got her POV she said she had heard a twig break right as she got out of the truck and then saw someone standing right in front of her (this would be when she began screaming and apparently I grabbed her and began running and dragging her along with me [though I was so fucking scared I literally had no clue that I did this when she told me]) she said she saw whoever it was put their arm out straight in front of them and shut both doors to the truck (that we had left open) as he kept walking forward to then stare at the road apparently? Wtf. Idk. Anyways, my friend then ends up saying with much shock that she remembered seeing her brother in his bedroom when we ran in the house.... Which scared the living shit out of me since that is who we were hoping had been out there. To this day I am not entirely sure if it was her brother or not and she just was so scared she got the timeline mixed up of when she saw him in his room. But either way it scared the effing shit out of me and needless to say I did not sleep well that night.

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