The Most Googled Prescription Brands By State [OC]

His withdrawal period was actually spent in prison. His mother-in-law called the cops on him after he tried to drag his wife and daughter out into the woods, thinking the world was ending and they needed to hide. What we got out of him was he was using Adderall, that he had a prescription for, and would run out way before he was due for a re-fill. He'd buy meth to fill the mean time, and use Xanax, also prescribed, to calm himself down. He would eat Fentanyl gel every now and then, which led to a lot of weird interactions with the other stuff. He said he woke up once, naked on his couch, covered in raw bacon that he had been eating the night before. Suboxone came later in the game when he couldn't get his hands on Fentanyl or Lortabs anymore. The interactions/side effects of Suboxone was apparently the tipping point that caused his hallucinations and delusions. These still haven't gone away completely, which is making my family worry he's brain damaged. He used to be very calm, intellectual, practical minded. He turned to weed and alcohol after divorcing his very abusive, cheating first wife. His second wife was addicted to prescription painkillers and Xanax, which pushed things along further.

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