Most I've ever seen...

What causes this? I know it is oxidation but I wonder why some cars get it bad and other never seem to have it.

I have a 97 F150 and every oil change I'm cleaning the terminals and applying di-electric grease and a little bit of blue always comes back by the next change interval.

On my wife's Econoline it has not been a problem, never has been, and it is a 2010. It is on it's second battery and has never had any corrosion. Terminals look nearly new.

My kid's cars are also hit or miss. One car can have this and another never get it.

We don't drive in salted roads where I live (that is why I still have a 97 F150 with no rust).

I have used Exide batteries for years as this is what my closest independent parts store carries and never had a failure during the warranty time. Where I live it is eith the local store (Exide), Advance, Autozone, or a dealer. God I hate Advance and Autozone.

I don't know who makes the batteries sold at Advance or Autozone but my kids keep buying them as they are cheap and the store will install them. And I keep replacing them usually in the second year. The cheap chain batteries also weigh considerably less than the Exide I get from the local store (but the Exide do cost a little more).

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