Most likely playoff combination of new teams?

Fisher has always functioned as his own OC. It is his playbook. He calls the plays. Unless this past season has convinced him to change. If I was coaching aTm, I would be trying to do what Mike Bobo did with our offense in 2013 when all of our RBs were injured and our OL was struggling a little. It had a full NFL route tree, but the rest of the OL was more suitable to what y'all can get in terms of OL talent.

Also where is this plethora of 6'3"+ WR's that run that fast?

The sub 4.4 Calvin Johnson types are super rare. There are a handful of sub 4.5 each year. There are plenty that run in the 4.5s (i.e 4.50-4.59). Unironically, a large number of them come from Texas.

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