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We approached this lab by using a concentration of 0.15 M of NaCl for our data. We found the molar mass of NaCl and figured out how many grams we would need to reach the correct concentration. We also measured how much water we would need to reach the correct amount of solvent and mixed our solutions in one 100mL beaker. Then we cut out three similar sized pieces of potato core, recorded their mass, and lay them side by side in the beaker, making sure they were all fully submerged. We thought we could get the concentration more accurate if we used one beaker for all three cores, as opposed to using three separate beakers with similar concentrations. Then we labeled the beaker to remember which cores were which. A few days later the potato cores were weighed again and their new weights were recorded. About 18 groups did this experiment with variations on beaker size, potato core mass, and the concentration of NaCl in the solution, but I decided not to use certain data points, because they were incomplete.

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