Most overrated player all-time in r/NBA?

From 01-03 he made the playoffs on some legit trash squads. Why doesn't that count. Do you know what the roster was for the Magic team, a rookie Mike Miller was McGrady's second best player. Sure 03-04 was a bad season, but that was because the lack of help finally caught up with McGrady. Are you fucking really going to argue Bo Outlaw, Pat Garrity, 39 year old Patrick Ewing were a championship caliber team?

McGrady got them to the playoffs in 3 out of his 4 prime years. Kobe got them 2 out of 3, not sure if you remember but the Lakers didn't make the playoffs in 04-05. And both times Kobe lost in the first round, 2007 was especially humiliating, and less we forget Game 7 in 06 where Kobe decided to prove a point and stopped shooting.

Kobe's conference wasn't stacked in 2007, he hardly made it with a 42-40 record, same as McGrady in Orlando. And in 2006 Kobe went up 3-1 on a 54 win team without Ama're and still chocked.

Do you understand how to look at basketball in context? McGrady's Orlando team's were straight trash. You have yet to provide me any one he played with in Orlando as a suitable second option. On top of that I disproved your TS% bullshit argument and you got nothing to respond with? Learn how to analyze the game properly then come back and talk to me.

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