THE most retarded team ever

If you read the title, it says THE most retarded team ever. I am part of that team. i made no attempts to say I was not acting retarded. Hell, maybe they all had their circumstances too, maybe we just all had, simultaneously, the most coincidentally bad day ever, although that's unlikely.

Classes aside from MBTs aren't easymode so if you don't care then you probably won't win, retarded teammates or not.

Which is pretty much why I was baffled to see a 3 MBT match go to shit... on medium...

Everyone has bad games and off days and sometimes that means you're going to lose a few games before you finally win.

Yeah, see what I said above. I have doubts that we all happened to have shit days at the same time.

If you played your best that win will come sooner rather than later and if you don't then you shouldn't complain if you lose.

Yeah, I know, you're right, it was just super late and I was super pissed so I wanted to vent. It wasn't nice of me. I don't normally do this. But I'm still a bit pissed. 3... defeats... in a row... FML.

Oh and also plenty of people don't try when they play medium. Maybe your teammates were just tired like you and didn't play their best either because they don't care at this point. Doesn't mean they're retarded.

Again, maybe, but what were the chances?

Still, thanks for being the voice of reason as opposed to bashing me like a twat. I know I'm in the wrong here, mostly, and I shouldn't vent like this. Normally I don't... it was just a shit day yesterday... and I'm still feeling the aftershock this morning.

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